4 Future Awards

What Should the Future Design Look Like?

As we gaze into the horizon of possibilities, we eagerly anticipate visionary creations 

that shape the world "for future." 

Should designs draw inspiration from the intricate wonders of nature or embody the marvels 

of technological advancement?

At the 4 Future Awards, we leave that choice to the designers themselves, 

eagerly awaiting the captivating outcomes that will shape the design landscape of tomorrow.

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About 4 Future Awards

Welcome to the 4 Future Awards, Canada's premier design competition recognizing outstanding achievement in design across a wide range of disciplines. At the 4 Future Awards, we believe that the future is built by the designers of today. That's why we are looking for trailblazing designers from all over the world to participate in this exciting event. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a rising star, 4 Future Awards offers a unique opportunity to showcase your work on a global stage. Our judges are industry leaders who have a keen eye for creativity, and they are looking for designs that are not only beautiful but also environmental friendly and sustainable. We welcome entries from all design disciplines, including architecture, interior design ,landscape design, lighting design, etc.

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Meet the 2024 Jury panel.


Eligibility is open to entries from every country worldwide, without exception.

Entries may be submitted as either unfinished conceptual designs or completed projects; the only requirement is that the entry must have been conceptualized or built within the past five years.

It is permissible to enter project designs into one or multiple categories; however, winners will be chosen based on a single project rather than a collection of work.

2024 Timeline & fees

Open for entries
Start at: January 31, 2024

Early bird deadline
Until March 30, 2024

Early Bird Price: $200

Regular deadline
Until June 29, 2024

Regular Period Price: $250

Final deadline
The last deadline: August 30, 2024

Late Period Price: $300

Jury voting
September 30, 2023 ~ October 19, 2024
Winner’s announcement
October, 2024

All winners of 4 Future Awards will be announced online on our website


Architectural Design
  • Cultural Architecture
  • Educational Buildings
  • Health-care Architecture
  • Office Buildings
  • Commercial Architecture
  • Hospitality Architecture
  • Recreational Architecture
  • Residential Architecture
  • Tall Buildings
  • Agricultural Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Transportation
  • Heritage Architecture
  • Restoration & Renovation
  • Institutional Architecture
  • Mixed Use
  • Miscellaneous Architecture
  • Infrastructure
  • Small Architecture
  • Green Architecture
  • Low cost
  • Façade
  • Landmarks & Symbolic Structures
  • For good
  • Waterfront
  • Prefab / Detachable Architecture
  • Architecture & Art
  • Architecture +Color
  • Architecture + New Technology
  • Architecture +Glass
  • Architecture +Wood
  • Architecture +Brick
  • Architecture +Concrete
  • Architecture +Metal
  • Installations
  • Bridges
  • Conceptual Architecture
  • Other Architecture
Interior Design
  • Cultural Space
  • Educational Space
  • Institutional Space
  • Health-care Space
  • Health and wellbeing interior
  • Sports interior
  • Work Space-small (1000 square-metres or less)
  • Work Space-large (over 1000 square-metres)
  • Display Space
  • Retail Interior-small (1000 square-metres or less)
  • Retail interior-large (over 1000 square-metres)
  • Restaurant
  • Bars and cafés
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Other Commercial Space
  • Residential
  • Show Flat
  • Sales Center
  • Community centers
  • Transportation interior
  • Green Space
  • Small Budget
  • Ceiling
  • Space Decor
  • Installation
  • Best Use of Colors
  • Best Use of Materials
  • Experiential design
  • Other Interior Designs
Landscape Design
  • Residential Landscape
  • Commercial Landscape
  • Educational Landscape
  • Cultural landscape
  • Roof gardens
  • Gardens
  • Parks
  • Outdoor Designs
  • Public Landscape
  • Small Landscape Projects
  • Installations and Structures
  • Nature Conservation
  • Urban Design
  • Urban Planning
Lighting Design
  • Light Art
  • Street Lighting
  • Interior Architectural Illumination
  • Exterior Architectural Illumination
  • Restaurant project
  • Workplace project
  • Leisure project
  • Daylight project
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Innovative Lighting Design
  • Energy Saving Lighting
Design Categories
  • Product design
  • Furniture design
  • Household Accessories& Fashion
  • Personal Care, Wellness and Beauty
  • Packaging

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