• Company Name Mix Architecture
  • Entry Name Shanshui Firewood Garden
  • Category
    • Recreational Architecture
  • Clients
  • Lead Designer Suning Zhou, Ziye Wu, Tao Tang
  • Design Team Ke Yang, Qian Shi, Libin Lin
  • Completion Date October 1, 2021
  • Size 1100㎡
  • Location Room 1303, Floor 13, Building B, Zhengtai Center, No. 159, Mount Taishan Road, Jianye District, Nanjing
  • Photo Credit Arch-Exist
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Based on the translation and reorganization of the structure and space of Sichuan dwellings, the building adopts a cross-style layout. The cross space slowly expands and is embedded in the natural landscape. Large eaves are spread along the surrounding ponds, introducing the largest viewing surface. The arc-shaped inner courtyard is like a cross windmill rotating. The continuous curved wall of the cross space is like a curved stream, echoing the flowing arc of the inner courtyard. At the same time, the service space and the serviced space are divided, with functions such as private rooms, tea rooms, book bars and logistics services, corresponding to the natural landscapes in different directions. Firewood, an important carrier of agriculture civilization, can be seen everywhere in Anshi Village and is closely related to rural life. The mottled wooden bones and mud walls in the village, the soil has fallen off, and the light and shadow are whirling. The building is made of firewood of different sizes and hangs on the wall. Red sandstone, originating from the mountains of Sichuan, is a commonly used material for architecture, sculpture, and household appliances. The building is built with machine-cut red sandstone blocks in the shape of fish scales, and the rich surface texture echoes the firewood. The small blue tile roof also echoes the firewood and stone on the same scale. The three materials are different, like fish scales and flying feathers, familiar and unfamiliar. They come from the countryside, they are used in the countryside, and they are integrated into the countryside.