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  • Entry Name Taste of Life and Aroma of Coffee
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    • Bars and cafés
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  • Lead Designer HO KUO CHING
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This coffee shop not only serves coffee and Taiwan’s traditional snacks, but the owner also strives to create an environment that makes the customers feel at home and relaxed while enjoying their meals. Through the designer’s delicate planning and exquisite execution, the décor and menu planning provides a warm and intimate atmosphere. Moreover, the designers have incorporated natural light and shadow to enhance the sensory experience. Individuals could Immerse themselves in the aroma of coffee and enjoy a unique experience at the coffee shop. Looking at the exterior of the building, one will notice that the building façade is built with interlocking wood in a Japanese aesthetic, and many healing green plants are placed at the entrance to make customers and pedestrians feel happy. Inside the store, earthy colors are used as the base of the space, and simple and rustic wood tones are used to create a quiet and calm atmosphere, allowing customers to enjoy a calm and unhurried pace of life. On the first floor, the seating area near the window, with floor-to-ceiling windows and wooden blinds, allows the natural light to map into the room to create a staggered change, allowing individuals to enjoy the multiple feasts of sight, smell, and taste. Upstairs, the designer has uniquely designed a traditional Japanese wooden roof with high staircases and windows to bring out a solid Japanese nostalgic atmosphere. In the dining area on the second floor, tatami mats and Japanese window panes are installed to highlight the ultimate Japanese charm, thus isolating the city’s noise. On the other hand, the cement flooring is a modern twist on the Japanese style, allowing a strong sense of humanity to permeate the space and presenting a classic and trendy atmosphere.