• Company Name Lq & Archistudio
  • Entry Name Ben Space
  • Category
    • Cultural Space
  • Clients Zhuhai Beishan Lihe Cultural Industry Investment Co., Ltd
  • Lead Designer Wu Ziqin
  • Design Team Liu Jiashang
  • Completion Date December 10, 2021
  • Size 120㎡
  • Location Zhuhai, China
  • Photo Credit Ni Feng
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Ben Space is an "public art space" located inside a 200-year-old building with an area of 120 square meters. As a classic project of historical heritage restoration, Ben Space not only fully applies the international convention of "repairing old buildings like old ones" but also explores and practices to integrate the old and new buildings into an "art space for the public", giving the ancient building a new life and meaning. Public space is not only a connection point for people to gather, but also a place for people's emotional connection. The newly built Ben Space organically blends with this ancient building, highlighting the sense of history and architecture, while bringing it a new vitality and vitality. Starting from the design, the building uses thick steel plates to outline a tall and simple geometric outline, forming a stark contrast with the old ancestral hall. The use of high-tech micro-cement materials blurs the boundaries between the walls, floor, and ceiling, giving the space the purest soul. The seamless skylight pays tribute to light and shadow, while the circular ceiling introduces natural elements. Light, blue sky, white clouds, rain make nature part of the building, integrating the contexts of "everydayness", "artistry", and "ritual" into the architecture. At the same time, it is also a pure artistic installation that aims to "use contemporary art to build a bond between the past, present, and future". An open and inclusive yet diverse environment that accommodates socialization and activities, performance and viewing, exhibition and interaction, and the bright sky symbolizes the endless possibilities of this space.