• Company Name Studio MK27
  • Entry Name Occupation of Ford Factory
  • Category
    • For good
  • Clients
  • Lead Designer Marcio Kogan + Mariana Simas
  • Design Team Nathalia Lima, Clara Varandas, Marcella Spinelli
  • Completion Date October 30, 2023
  • Size
  • Location
  • Photo Credit Renders by Studio DoisDois
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The occupation of Ford Factory on Sólon St. is a social housing project for homeless people, which was developed in partnership with the city of São Paulo. Taking as a base a building that turned out to be historic, the first Ford factory in Brazil, the project develops through the ground floor and three other floors of the factory to work on the issue of social housing in the center of a large metropolis like São Paulo. The building consists of a main volume, the first one developed in the 1930s, and two volumes annexed to the building itself, in the same language, followed later. The project is made up of 127 capsule modules, each measuring 41 sqm. These modules can accommodate a total of 540 residents, individuals or families. The module was thought to be prefabricated using plywood. In this way, the module would come ready-made from the factory, or could even be produced in the building itself, temporarily transformed into a factory, and then allocated to one of the floors, with the help of the existing freight elevator. The flexibility of a unit is translated into its use in more than one programmatic type, and the same module can be used not only for housing, but also for kitchen, cinema, carpentry, market and also classroom. The programs described can be grouped, and the group of nine cells configures a small village that makes up the fabric of villages distributed along the fabric floors floors, creating communities within the community. The service network works as a web of programs that help residents to have more autonomy, by guaranteeing the right to housing, other fundamental rights are also developed within the community created within the factory.