• Company Name Yakusha Studio
  • Entry Name Chandelier in the B14 UNIT.City business space
  • Category
    • Product design
  • Clients Unit.City
  • Lead Designer Victoria Yakusha
  • Design Team Yakusha Studio
  • Completion Date February 1, 2023
  • Size 48
  • Location Ukraine, Kyiv, str. Dorohozhytska, 3, “Unit.City”
  • Photo Credit Yevhenii Avramenko
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Simple, naïve shapes of Unit.City b14 lobby interior lead us directly to live minimalism where the less is always more. In our interiors, we reject unnecessary elements - respecting the materials we work with, so respecting the Earth. Entering the space you become a witness of one of the main highlights of the space - a gorgeous chandelier designed and created specially for the project. It is made of 500 laconic shaped glass tubes floating in the air. It looks like a kind of a glass sculpture, perfectly designed to fill the space with sunlight and is visible from the second floor as well as from the square. The main task was to create lightning which will add airness to the space and naturally complete minimalist aesthetics, sustainability and technology. We developed a form of laconic shaped glass tubes that would show the play of light and fill the space with the sunlight. All 500 tubes are made with safe fasteners, so that they do not move away from the drafts. The studio’s philosophy of live design invites one to go inward by interacting with millenea-old techniques, customs and primeal materials. Laconic, yet spirited; deeply connected to nature, live design eliminates the excess and guide back to the essence.