• Company Name Individual Group
  • Entry Name [objt]
  • Category
    • Product design
  • Clients
  • Lead Designer ZHIPENG PAN
  • Design Team Yikun Wang, Yingqian Zhu
  • Completion Date August 3, 2022
  • Size
  • Location 2763 S NORFOLK ST, Apt 310
  • Photo Credit Zhipeng Pan
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Overview: [objt] tackles the pressing issue of ideological biases in today's news landscape, offering a three-pronged approach: filtering, notification, and transformation of content. This platform serves as a crucial educational tool, specifically designed for teenagers to critically assess news. It filters ideologically-biased text, alerts users about the source and terms that hint at a story's bias, and even allows for the transformation of articles to align with a preferred viewpoint. Born from a motivation to challenge media as a tool for public opinion control, [objt] aims to foster a fact-based public dialogue and enhance media literacy among the younger generation. Context: In the modern era, journalism is not just about reporting facts but has become a battleground for ideological influence. Algorithms and user interactions create echo chambers, leading to an explosion of content that is often misleading. Objectives: [objt] serves three main functions: Filter: Filters out ideologically-biased text and provides a list of filtered words to gauge the article's ideological leaning. Notification: Alerts the user about the origins and ideological terms in the news they are reading. Ideological Transformation: Allows users to browse news according to their preferred ideology and even re-edit the text accordingly. Motivation: The creator grew up in an environment where news was a tool for public opinion control. [objt] aims to raise awareness and provoke discussion about the media we consume, striving for a more fact-based public dialogue. Technical Details: [objt] is primarily based on Arduino. It uses Baidu OCR for character recognition and identifies sensitive words to trigger filtering or editing actions.