• Company Name Kubota Architect Atelier
  • Entry Name KI-HOUSE
  • Category
    • Residential Architecture
    • Small Architecture
  • Clients Tsukasa Kinjo
  • Lead Designer Katsufumi Kubota
  • Design Team Kazuya Toizaki, Kazusa Kubota, and Naoya Yuda
  • Completion Date November 28, 2022
  • Size 89.58
  • Location Nanjyo, Okinawa, Japan
  • Photo Credit Katsumasa Tanaka
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About 14 years ago,I was driving along the southern coast of Okinawa and was suddenly struck by an idea at a particular point.In a state of euphoria,I blurted out,“I want to live in a place like this.”That was the beginning of this project.A fellow passenger made every effort to acquire the land at that particular location but soon found it too difficult.He became so invested in building a house that he spent several years looking for a site.However,just before buying a lot elsewhere,the dream site was put on the market.He purchased it,and the project proceeded to the next phase.After 14 years of overcoming many deadlocks,including budgeting and contractor searching,KI-HOUSE was finally completed. The site overlooks the blue ocean where Kudaka Island,known as the island of gods,sits.On the opposite side is Sefa-Utaki,the holiest place of the Ryukyu Kingdom.As the site is situated in the middle of a tremendous force that runs between the two,we placed several slabs along the energy flow to avoid blocking it.We designed a sequence that begins by passing through the low eaves under the suspended slabs and then descends a slope that leads to a tunnel-like white space.As it comes to and end,a world where the mind stands face-to-face with nature unfolds. In KI-HOUSE,architecture lies between the mind and nature,including the sound of ocean waves,light and darkenss,wind,and water.Thus,the sequential procession connects one’s heart with the natural environment.By taking in the sense of infinity that nature presents,we can cross the boundary defining the realm of our minds and open the door to freedom.That infinite freedom heals and revives or souls.For that reason,KI-HOUSE was created,and that is why architecture must exist here.