• Company Name TabiTha Design Associate
  • Entry Name Tasteful Rhapsody
  • Category
    • Residential
  • Clients
  • Lead Designer ALIDA YU-PING LI
  • Design Team
  • Completion Date March 1, 2023
  • Size
  • Location
  • Photo Credit ALEK VATAGIN
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Despite the property's restricted square footage, our team devoted significant time and effort to meticulously plan and design a versatile living area that would meet the homeowner's unique needs and preferences. We took into account their lifestyle and interests and incorporated a variety of sports equipment, including boxing gear, weights, darts, a pull-up bar, rock climbing holds, and even a designated spot for playing the saxophone, to cater to their fitness and recreational requirements. To create an open and airy atmosphere, we utilized an open floor plan and glass sliding doors, which flooded the space with natural light and added a sense of spaciousness. Our team's unwavering commitment to detail and personalized approach resulted in an exceptional and practical living space that exceeded all expectations. Environmental protection has been a growing concern globally since the 1960s. Nowadays, it is a crucial part of spatial design as we strive to create a healthy and sustainable living environment. Our project incorporates numerous eco-friendly materials and techniques, from recycled plastics and rubbers that do not contain toxic chemicals to recycled wood, to the use of zero-formaldehyde waterborne paints. The production process is free of waste, gas, and wastewater, which not only protects workers and occupants but also reduces the impact on the environment. Our aim is to care for the earth by creating a safe and eco-friendly space.