• Company Name Zhejiang Greentown Ingenuity Design Co., Ltd.
  • Entry Name Phoenix Villa, Yangzhou
  • Category
    • Residential Architecture
  • Clients Yangzhou Xinbang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Lead Designer Shi Minghua
  • Design Team Shi Minghua, Su Ping, Ni Jiwei, Zhou Jiayi, Luo Jiangpei, Zhou Yanting
  • Completion Date
  • Size 246956.6
  • Location Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, China
  • Photo Credit
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Taking nature as the brush and architecture as ink, the project conceives a residential community that appears like an ink-wash painting which highlights a gentle and leisurely life unique to southern China. White walls and gray tiles that reproduce a Chinese-style secluded haven: The project inherits and innovates Chinese style appropriately. It incorporates the aesthetics and romance of traditional Chinese architecture, and inherits the cultural context of local Chinese-style architecture in Yangzhou. Hidden beside the bank of the old Grand Canal, the residential development coexists harmoniously with the canal while meeting the requirement for a high floor area ratio, becoming an exemplary residential community in Yangzhou that features harmonious fusion of Chinese-style architecture and nature. A homecoming circulation that offers varying visual experiences: Referring to the entry sequence of traditional Chinese architecture, the project creates a varying visual experience for the residents along their way home. The design introduces the expansive world into residents’ life, to accommodate their feelings. Four seasons bring varied scenes in the gardens: The design introduces changing scenes of the four seasons to create a varying world in the gardens. Material innovation: Aluminum profiles are used to replace traditional woodwork. Through clever design and subtle utilization of material properties, the modern aluminum materials create a traditional Chinese-style, seeming like being made by nature. Structural innovation: The rainwater pipes and gutters are designed as Chinese-style components. For example, the rainwater pipes are wrapped with aluminum profiles to form columns, and the outer gutters are presented in the form of traditional wooden components such as purlins. Stacked villas: Each household is equipped with an independent entrance elevator, and one or more yards, which avoid mutual interference and truly provide a villa experience.