• Company Name Gabriel Garbin Arquitetura
  • Entry Name FBV WP House
  • Category
    • Residential Architecture
  • Clients WP
  • Lead Designer Gabriel Garbin
  • Design Team Bruna Garbin, Fernanda Lucchini, Marina Alves
  • Completion Date December 20, 2021
  • Size 865
  • Location Porto Feliz - Brazil
  • Photo Credit Fernando Guerra FG + SG
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The concept of FBV WP house is based on a deep analysis of each one of the landscape elements as well as the owners’ lifestyle. The volumes’ composition has been elaborated in such a way that the residents’ gaze would be drawn into the plot’s interior, with the preserved wooded area – the project’s great actor – as background. Factoring in elements like the sun, the woods, the pool, and the time that will be spent among friends, we devised an L-shaped building that faces the sunset. The center of the plot is the point people look towards and where they spend time together. The perception of inside and outside space changes every so often.Two white volumes joined perpendicularly to a third, higher one built in stone. The first volume, where we have the building’s entrance, features a wooden unit comprised of mashrabiya. To the right, we have the bedrooms, to the front, we can access the pool area and, to the left, the social area volume. In this volume, we have placed the service area, which is accessible through the social area as well as the external corridor. In an appendix at the edge of the building, we have some elements that are used less frequently: a game room, sauna e spa – all with a view of the tennis court and, further away, the woods. The balcony can be totally integrated into the living area – the frames, when open, can be grouped together along the wall that divides the dining room and the kitchen, allowing the complete opening of the span. We have created spaces that foster social interaction throughout the house, with the intentional visual integration of all spaces that have a social purpose – even if such integration is not too close at some points.