Maurizio Meossi

Zaha Hadid Architects Associate Director

Maurizio Meossi graduated in Architecture at the Universtia' degli Studi di Firenze and at the Architecturla Association in London. He originally joined Zaha HAdid Architects in 2002, working primarily as a 3D designer for several international competitions. Maurizio has worked on some of ZHA’s largest scale residential projects across the world, including Italy, Australia and Mexico. In Italy, he successfully led the design team for the residential cluster of buildings that form the new CityLife complex in Milan. Completed in 2014, the project is formed of 6 medium rise towers organised around a wide green communal space. Maurizio has been involved in several large scale projects, including ZugloVarozkozpont Masterpln in Budapes and the New Science Center In Singapore (completion expected by 2027). He is Associate Director of ZHA since 2020.